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KC History: Mobsters In Our Midst

For three decades, organized crime in Kansas City was ruled by one mobster: Nick Civella. On this Friday's Walt Bodine Show, co-host Monroe Dodd will be joined by longtime FBI Agent William Ouseley for a look at how the mob emerged into the public eye, and ran every aspect of our city, as told in his books Mobsters in our Midst, and Open City.

In 1957, cops in upstate New York noticed well-dressed men in jumping out of fancy cars with out-of-state license plates. This wasn’t common in the small town of Appalachian, so they raided the home of Joseph "Joe the Barber" Barbara, and soon scores of America’s most notorious mobster’s fled for their cars, and took off through the nearby woods. Two of the men running from the cops that day --  Joe Filardo and Nick Civella, both of Kansas City. In this show, hear from Ouseley how Civella was eventually arrested and convicted for his work in the mob.

Monroe Dodd edited this book for Mr. Ouseley, but has no financial stake in its sales.

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