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Former Chiefs Players Sue Team Over Brain Injury

Five former Kansas City Chiefs players are suing the team over brain injuries they say resulting from concussions they sustained playing in the late 1980s and early 1990s.    

The suit alleges that Chiefs leadership understood the long-term risks of concussions back then, but didn’t take them into account.  

It follows a $765 million settlement between players and the NFL over brain injury. But, Kenneth McClain, one of the plaintiff’s attorneys in the Chief’s lawsuit, says that’s not rally whole lot of money, split between so many teams, and so many generations of players. What’s more, McClain says, the concussion settlement compensates only the most severely disabled players.

“If they’re still functioning, walking around, but with massive headaches, and problems concentrating and mood swings, you’re not going to be covered by the settlement,” says McClain.

Missouri workers comp law, and the contract agreement his clients played under, gives them a window to opt out of the larger settlement, and sue the Chiefs.  

McClain says similar litigation is possible against the St. Louis Rams.

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