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KS House Committee Considers Loaded Guns In Vehicles, Without Permit

The full Kansas House could soon consider a bill cutting back local government firearm regulations. That comes after a House committee amended and approved the legislation on Wednesday. It would bar local governments from regulating the open carry of firearms and make other changes.

Committee members added a provision saying Kansans could carry a loaded gun in their vehicle anywhere in the state, without requiring a concealed weapons permit. Now, local governments can bar keeping a loaded gun on your seat or in your glove box. Representative Larry Campbell, an Olathe Republican, asks, you can carry in your home, so why not your car?

"It's the same as being in your home. And, any crook is going to have a loaded chamber, so you need to be able to defend yourself," says Campbell.

But Representative Valdenia Winn, a Kansas City Democrat, isn't sure it's a good idea to allow loaded guns in cars across Kansas.

"Instead of public safety, we're getting so comfortable being armed," says Winn.

It's not yet clear when exactly the full House will take up the bill.

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