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Kansas City, Here's How To Reserve Your Spot In Line For A COVID-19 Vaccine

Local health departments project the vaccine won't be available to the general public for several months.
David Goldman
Local health departments project the vaccine won't be available to the general public for several months.

With Missouri and Kansas in the initial phases of their vaccine distribution plans, some counties are allowing residents to sign up to be notified when they're eligible.

Missouri will distribute the vaccine based on availability and guidance from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Distribution is planned according to a tiered system that takes risk factors and occupation into account, according to the state vaccine website.

Missouri is currently in Phase 1A of its distribution plan, working to administer doses of the vaccine to healthcare workers and residents and staff of long-term care facilities.

Jackson County

Information on when residents of Jackson Country can receive the COVID-19 vaccination is available on the health department’s website. The department is asking residents who want to get the vaccine to take a survey to determine their eligibility. Residents will get a notification when the vaccine becomes available to their tier.

For resident of Jackson County within city limits, the Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department has developed a similar survey. The department has also developed a survey to help ensure healthcare workers in the city get vaccinated.

The vaccine won't be available to the general public until late spring to early fall, depending on the number of approved vaccines and state allotments.

Clay County

The Clay County Public Health Center received its first shipment of COVID-19 vaccinations on Jan. 7. This week, they began administering doses to individuals under Phase 1A of the state’s distribution plan.

According to their website, Clay County is accepting registration for vaccination from healthcare workers but does not currently have a waiting list for anyone else. As the state progresses through its phased distribution, Clay County says it will update its website with information on how to register for and receive the vaccine.

Platte County

The Platte County Health Department website has general information about the COVID-19 vaccine but no waiting list. The department recommends the general public use Vaccine Finder to find where they can receive the vaccine once it becomes available, though the public can’t use that tool to find a COVID-19 vaccine yet.

Platte County says it will continue to update its website and social media pages when the vaccine becomes available to the general public.

Cass County

Similar to Jackson County, the Cass County Health Department has created a survey to notify residents when the vaccine becomes available for their tier, with instructions on how to schedule a vaccination appointment.


The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has developed a five-phase vaccination plan, which prioritizes certain populations based on public health risk and the state’s infrastructure needs. For example, health care workers, child care workers and teachers will all have access to the vaccine before the general public.

Kansas is currently vaccinating in Phase 1. The entire vaccination plan is available here.

Johnson County

There is no waiting list for the general public, according to a Jan. 8 update to the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment website. For now, the department is only vaccinating health care workers, EMS and public health staff, per Kansas’ vaccine plan. Residents of nursing homes are being vaccinated by the Pharmacy Partnership for Long-term Care Program.

Essential workers and residents over the age of 65 will receive the vaccine next. The department projects the vaccine will be available to those in the lower-risk categories by late spring and early summer.

Wyandotte County

Wyandotte County is asking residents interested in getting the vaccine to fill out an interest form to determine their eligibility. From the information provided in the survey, the department will notify residents when the vaccine is available.

Douglas County

Douglas County is currently administering vaccines under Phase 1 of the state’s plan. The health department will announce via its website the vaccination process for residents who fall under later phases of the plan.

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