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KCUR Privacy Guidelines

Kansas City Public Media is committed to keeping your personal information private. KCUR does not sell, loan, or trade information obtained through website interaction, membership, or volunteerism.  

KCUR uses Google Analytics demographics and metrics for the purpose of better understanding audience members’ needs and interests. In addition to information such as approximate geographical location in relation to IP addresses, KCUR collects time spent on pages, unique pageviews, user counts and several other metrics.

KCUR also collects information through Google Plus login information. This information comes from the user’s Google Plus account, which is already publicly shared. If you wish to opt out of Google Analytics demographic data collection, you can find more information here.

KCUR restricts access to user information to those employees who need information to provide services and membership functions to you. We maintain physical and digital safeguards to make sure this information is secure.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding KCUR’s privacy guidelines, please contact us via email at web@kcur.org or call (816) 235-1551.