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John Cho's film credits include Harold in the raunchy <em>Harold and Kumar</em> comedies and Sulu in <em>Star Trek Beyond.</em>

Ann Marie Baldonado

Ann Marie Baldonado is a producer and interview contributor for Fresh Air with Terry Gross. She got her start in radio in 1997 as a production assistant, working with reporters and helping produce the local broadcast of Morning Edition at WHYY. She joined Fresh Airin 1998. Her primary responsibility is finding interesting film, television, and theater guests for the show. She also produces and edits the interviews. She began contributing her own interviews to the program in 2015. Baldonado also serves on the editorial board of the podcast, The Longest Shortest Time. She lives in Philadelphia and she loves it. When she isn't working or wrangling her two daughters, she is probably watching television, although she knows she will never, ever be caught up on everything.