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America Amplified: Election 2020

The “America Amplified: Election 2020” talk show, centered around the November presidential election, explores local community perspectives with a mission to foster dialogue, share lived experiences, and elevate diverse voices.

The show aired from October 10 through November 14, 2020. The show is hosted by award-winning journalist Rose Scott, with WABE in Atlanta. She was joined by co-hosts from across the country, including Iowa, California and Alaska.

America Amplified is a 2020 community engagement journalism initiative funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and based at KCUR in Kansas City, Missouri.

  • Heading into the election and in the days afterward, national discussion has centered on how divisive the country feels. Supporting one candidate — and a political party — has been enough to drive friends and family apart.This sentiment came up in an America Amplified listening session on November 10. We begin our final episode of “America Amplified: Election 2020” with excerpts from that conversation.
  • This election has tested our democracy like none other in recent memory.Four long days after America voted on Nov. 3, former vice president Joe Biden became the projected winner of the 2020 presidential election.
  • On this episode of “America Amplified: Election 2020” — airing the weekend before Election Tuesday — we hear from voters across America about how they’re feeling.
  • This episode of “America Amplified: Election 2020” opens with reactions from people across the country about what they heard — or, more importantly, did not hear — in the last presidential debate on Oct. 22.
  • When you hear the words “American Dream,” what comes to mind?Hosts Rose Scott of WABE in Atlanta and Kavitha George of Alaska Public Media lead the guests on a conversation about the American Dream and what is at stake in November’s election.This show explores where our definitions of the American Dream come from and what it means to achieve it.
  • On this episode of America Amplified: Election 2020, we explore the topic: What divides us? Where do people see division right now and what can be done to overcome it?