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Connecting To Visual Arts With PLUG Projects

Sep 18, 2012

On this Tuesday’s Central Standard, plug into a conversation with the artists behind the new arts gallery PLUG Projects. We’ll discuss their efforts to bring more thought-provoking works to Kansas City, local fundraising initiatives and resources to help develop local art writing and critique.

Later in the hour, visiting artist Carrie Scanga talks about "BREATHE: The Emergent Colony," her new experimental, collaborative exhibition that's transforming PLUG's gallery space.

Cory Imig, PLUG Projects
Amy Kligman, PLUG Projects
Misha Kligman, PLUG Projects
Caleb Taylor, PLUG Projects
Carrie Scanga, artist

Check out the photos above to see Scanga working on her bee colony-inspired installation. She used folded tissue paper structures to imitate the matrix of hexagonal cells in beehives.

The exhibition opening for BREATHE: The Emergent Colony will be 6 - 9 p.m. on Friday, September 21 at PLUG's gallery, located at 1613 Genessee St., KCMO. The installation will stay up until November 3.