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Up To Date's Indie, Foreign & Doc Critics' 'Three To See,' June 15-17

Jun 15, 2018

Father's Day is on Sunday. What are you and dear ol' dad getting up to this weekend? If you don't feel like rushing out to a department store to get him yet another tie (we're pretty sure he already has too many), an afternoon at the movies could be just the thing — tickets and popcorn on you, of course! He should probably get to pick the flick, too, but there's no shame in nudging him toward a movie that's bound to be good, at least according to Up To Date's Film Critics. 

Steve Walker

"The Seagull," PG-13

  • In Stephen Karam's adaptation of Anton Chekhov's great play, Annette Bening plays a vain actress surrounded by family, friends, employees, and a lover at a Russian country house churning with jealousy. 

"Beast," R

  • On the isolated British island of Jersey, a lonely tour guide with a checkered past falls in love with a scruffy, blonde handy man who is suspected to be responsible for a series of brutual murders.

"Goodland," not rated

  • Kansas City writer and director Josh Doke's contemporary film noir about the planned robbery of a bank vault was filmed in and around Goodland, Kansas, and stars local actress Cinnamon Schultz as the steely town sheriff. 

Cynthia Haines

"Beast," R

  • This psychological thriller-drama chronicles a lonely woman's life on an eerie, isolated island, and the pull she feels between her controlling family and a mysterious man who may have a murderous past.

"Goodland," not rated

  • When the appearance of a dead body coincides with a photographer arriving in a small town, the local sheriff has questions. This thriller from director Josh Doke is set against the backdrop of a fictionalized version of his hometown, Goodland, Kansas.

"RBG," not rated

  • The 85-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the subject of this documentary recalling her career from one of the only women in her Harvard Law School class to the most iconic liberal voice on the Supreme Court.