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Kansas Board Of Regents Passes Social Media Policy

Dec 19, 2013

The Kansas Board of Regents has approved a new social media policy for state university employees. Violating the policy could lead to sanctions, including dismissal.

Regents Chairman Fred Logan says there is a concern that social media can lead to what he calls "extraordinary damage" to institutions very quickly. He says the requirements are narrowly drawn and highlight exceptions to First Amendment protections that have been created by the courts.

“In drafting the policy we’ve been very careful to protect the First Amendment rights of university employees, but also we’ve addressed the employee’s responsibility to universities,” said Logan.

The new policy was crafted after a University of Kansas professor made a controversial statement about the Washington Navy Yard shooting on the social media network Twitter.

The Board of Regents had the Kansas Attorney General's office review the policy before issuing it.

Sheryl Lidzy, chair of the Council of Faculty Senate Presidents, says the policy is overly broad and doesn't fully protect employees.