Kansas City Voters Face Two Smoking Ban Proposals | KCUR

Kansas City Voters Face Two Smoking Ban Proposals

Jan 18, 2008

Kansas City, MO – Kansas City voters will likely face two competing smoking ban proposals, and one to renew a tax that supports city buses. But as KCUR's Steve Bell reports, the final ballot isn't set in stone.

The city council agreed yesterday to fine-tune a 3/8 cent sales tax for the ATA so the proceeds could only go for bus service and planned to finalize putting it on the ballot next week. But City Attorney Galen Beauford Clay said Chastain's light rail lawsuit could invalidate that.

Galen says,"Whether he is going to ask a circuit judge to consider enjoining the city from putting the 3/8-cent sales tax on in April - he makes reference to it in his petition but he has not taken that step."

The council rejected an attempt by councilman Ed Ford to further amend the city's amended version of the smoking ban initiative so establishments could define themselves as bars by barring persons under 21. The initiative version and the city version were scheduled to go to the voters in April.