Marilyn Maye Sings "Happy Birthday" to Walt [VIDEO] | KCUR

Marilyn Maye Sings "Happy Birthday" to Walt [VIDEO]

Kansas City, Mo. – On August, 27, 2010, Kansas City cabaret singer Marilyn Maye serenaded Walt Bodine on air on his 90th birthday.

Music: "It's Today" (Jerry Herman, Alice Borden)
Lyrics and vocals: Marilyn Maye

"Happy Birthday"

Let's light the candles and join this joyful routine.
I bring congratulations to you, Mr. Bodine.
You were born in the year 1920.
You arrived and the fact became clear.
That August minute had history in it.
You're here?!
To you, we tip our hat.
"What do you say to that?"
Well, you're a diplomat. You'll say it's "OK."
It's true that you are,
The Great Broadcasting Star!
And here at KCUR,
Today is your Day!

Your father, dear Walton, the druggist,
And Mary, your songwriting Mom,
They were proud,
I'm sure that the very moment you came.
They were thrilled and they hollered
Out loudly.
"Walt, Jr. will write and he'll broadcast.
He'll become legendary - it's true.
He'll greet the World with his books,
And his valuable words.
He'll meet life with a positive view."

Walt, there is a "thank you," you can give life.
'Cause you've lived life all the way.
You married Bernie,
And had five children,
And on life's journey,
Everyday is your day.

You're living well, Walt.
And you're still working.
From soda jerking,
You came a long way.
Let's celebrate now this festive scene.
May I state, Walt,
You're the Great Bodine.

Happy Birthday,
Today is your day.