Nixon Vetoes Contraceptive Refusal Bill | KCUR

Nixon Vetoes Contraceptive Refusal Bill

Jul 12, 2012

Governor Jay Nixon has vetoed a bill designed to thwart President Obama’s contraceptive mandate in Missouri. 

The bill would have given employers the right to refuse contraceptive coverage, if providing such coverage violated the employer’s religious beliefs. Governor Nixon said Missouri law already provides that right, and that a provision in the bill made it necessary for him to veto it:

"This bill would allow insurance companies to impose their will and deny contraceptive coverage to women, even if women and their employers wanted it included.”

Planned Parenthood officials are applauding Nixon’s veto, stating in part that “birth control is a pocketbook issue and should be fully covered by insurance."

The bill’s supporters call the governor’s decision a blow to religious liberty and want lawmakers to override the veto this fall.