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Scent Of Nostalgia

Apr 19, 2016

Harry J. Epstein Co. has adapted to the times in unconventional ways, but they haven't abandoned pegboard.
Credit Coy Dugger / KCUR

Hardware store memories are about more than that tell-tale hardware store smell. How the story of industry in Kansas City mirrors the story of hardware stores, and what communities lose as those mom n' pop neighborhood shops fall away. Plus, how one of the oldest hardware stores in town has reinvented itself to survive. Hint: it involves a flying dolphin.


  • Sam Shublom, former employee of Tucker's Hardware
  • Monroe Dodd, local historian
  • Jill McKeever, Kansas City "scentstress" and proprietor of For Strange Women
  • Steve and Jori Sackin, third- and fourth-generation owners, Harry J. Epstein Hardware