Seg. 1: Boomer Entrepreneurs. Seg. 2: Terry Teachout | KCUR

Seg. 1: Boomer Entrepreneurs. Seg. 2: Terry Teachout

Feb 28, 2019

Segment 1: More baby boomers are choosing to open up their own businesses. 

Retirement? Not for these people. Despite the trope of the young, millennial entrepreneur, research shows that people between 55 and 64 make up about a quarter of new entrepreneurs. In this conversation, we talk with an author who's reported on this trend and a 69-year-old businessowner who's living it. 

  • Chris Farrellauthor of "Purpose and a Paycheck" and senior economics contributor, Marketplace Morning Report
  • Bob Etzel, CEO and founder, Nascent Stage Research and Development

Segment 2, beginning at 28:29: Wall Street Journal art critic comes home.

Before becoming the resident art critic at the Wall Street Journal, Terry Teachout grew up in a small town in Missouri. He talks to us about his roots, art, and career as a writer.