Seg. 1: Crossword Prodigy | Seg. 2: Foundling Exhibit | KCUR

Seg. 1: Crossword Prodigy | Seg. 2: Foundling Exhibit

Segment 1: A famous crossword puzzle creator makes Kansas City his home.

David Steinberg has been making crossword puzzles since he was 12, and getting them published in the New York Times since he was 14. He's just moved to Kansas City. In this conversation, he talks about sleeping on Will Shortz's couch, and other career milestones.

Segment 2: An artist shares the stories of international adoptees.

Megan Rye was adopted by a family in Minnesota at 7 months old, in 1975. But it wasn't until having children of her own that she wondered about what her life was like for those first seven months in South Korea. The referral photographs given to her American parents by an adoption agency inspired her to paint 100 portraits based on other people's referral photographs. 

  • Megan Rye, artist, Foundling, Spencer Museum of Art (through December 22, 2019)