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S3 Episode 2: Gabrielle Griffie, Wichita

Nomin Ujiyediin
Kansas News Service
Gabrielle Griffie is an organizer in Wichita, and says it is hard to watch people go through "so much pain, and our city is just pushing that pain, pushing the knife in even deeper."

Besides the coronavrius, another urgent topic again surfaced this year: an end to racism.

The Wichita vintage store that Gabrielle Griffie co-owns had been open mere weeks before the coronavirus forced businesses to shut down.

And just weeks after it reopened, Griffie found herself focused on something entirely different, something she'd fought for in 2014 as a high schooler and would lead the fight for now — equality.

Griffie spoke with the Kansas News Service about the intersection of the two biggest themes of the year for the My Fellow Kansans podcast.

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Nomin Ujiyediin is the All Things Considered newscaster for KCUR 89.3. You can email her at and find her on Twitter @NominUJ.
Jim McLean is an editor and reporter for KCUR 89.3. He is the managing director of KCUR's Kansas News Service, a collaboration between KCUR and other public media stations across Kansas.