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Nomin Ujiyediin

All Things Considered Newscaster and host of Kansas City Today

As a newscaster and a host of a daily news podcast, I want to deliver the most important and interesting news of the day in an engaging and easily understandable way. No matter where you live in the metro or what you’re interested in, I want you to learn something from each newscast or podcast – and maybe even give you something to talk about at the dinner table.

You can email me at and find me on Twitter @NominUJ.

  • When a Kansas City renter was taken to court by her landlord under false claims, she filed a countersuit and won more than $17,000. What does this mean for the future legal relationships between property owners and renters?
  • Kansas City is quickly losing its small apartment buildings, which could make the city more expensive and less inclusive. Plus, many arts and music venues are bouncing back after receiving federal aid, but some must close their doors for good.
  • Homelessness in urban areas is often visible on city sidewalks or public encampments. In rural Kansas and Missouri, unhoused people often go unseen — and unhelped. Plus, Missourians voted to expand Medicaid in 2020, making government-provided health insurance available to tens of thousands of low-income residents. But the change could also mean more layers of bureaucracy for hospitals.
  • Are city code citations putting home-ownership out of reach for low-income residents? We continue our week-long series exploring housing issues in Kansas City. Plus, the chief executive at the Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City was fired recently for allegedly misusing funds — including to pay her husband and give herself a loan.
  • You're not crazy: Rents have increased astonishingly fast in Kansas City. But some neighborhoods are feeling the pain more than others, and that has major consequences for both renters and the city as a whole.
  • Federal prosecutors have convened a grand jury investigation into former Kansas City, Kansas, police detective Roger Golubski. Golubski is accused of terrorizing Black women over the course of decades.
  • For Zamzama Safi, the Wilkens farm just south of Corder, Missouri, is a long way from Afghanistan — and it's exactly where she wants to be. After the Taliban takeover of the country, some 120,000 Americans and refugees faced a harrowing journey to get out.
  • The Jackson County prosecutor shares her thoughts on the latest developments in the Kevin Strickland case. Plus, the killing of Alonzo Brooks has gone unsolved for 17 years. Federal investigators are now taking a fresh look at the circumstances surrounding his death.
  • Kansas taxpayers and state employees could be paying too much for prescription drugs, but a state-commissioned report doesn't actually say if customers got a bargain or got gouged. Kansas even tried to black out large swaths of the audit, but it botched many of the redactions.
  • More young people say they're struggling with anxiety and depression related to climate change. In Kansas City, one mother is pushing the environmental movement to prioritize mental health and prevent activists from burning out.