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Nomin Ujiyediin

All Things Considered Newscaster and host of Kansas City Today

As a newscaster and a host of a daily news podcast, I want to deliver the most important and interesting news of the day in an engaging and easily understandable way. No matter where you live in the metro or what you’re interested in, I want you to learn something from each newscast or podcast – and maybe even give you something to talk about at the dinner table.

You can email me at nomin@kcur.org and find me on Twitter @NominUJ.

  • A potential downtown baseball stadium would be an economic boon, possibly creating 20 thousand jobs, according to Kansas City Royals owner John Sherman. An advocacy group wants to make sure workers’ voices are a part of that conversation.
  • The Missouri Senate is advancing a pair of bills banning transgender athletes from participating in sports that align with their gender identity, and transgender minors from health care that affirms their gender identity. Plus: Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas talks about the possibility of a downtown baseball stadium and a park above I-670.
  • Since Roe v. Wade was overturned, abortion rights groups have been resorting to increasingly scrappy tactics in their quest to keep abortion accessible across the country. Thanks to volunteer pilots, some are flying into Kansas by plane. Plus: Midwest farmers have tripled their use of cover crops, and a new farm bill might make them even more popular.
  • Since 1992, Broadway Café in the heart of Westport has remained a central part of Kansas City's coffee scene. Plus: Ice skaters in mid-Missouri have to drive up to two hours in order to find a rink where they can practice their sport, but these two teens aren't letting that stop them.
  • Kansas City’s state-controlled police board is trying to use the courts to increase police funding. Advocates are worried it could strain the city's resources even further, while failing to improve police services.
  • There’s a push in Missouri, Kansas and Washington, D.C., to restrict foreign ownership of farmland, and growing tensions between the U.S. and China are a big reason why. Plus: States like Kansas and Missouri put a hard cap on the amounts that juries can award in non-economic damages for medical malpractice cases, but who does that actually help?
  • A Republican state representative from St. Charles wants to legalize psilocybin, aka magic mushrooms, for medical treatment in Missouri. Plus: Manor Records closed its brick-and-mortar store in Strawberry Hill and is focusing on its true mission: making money for local musicians.
  • A federal judge this week struck down a Missouri law that banned state and local police from enforcing federal gun restrictions, but the state attorney general vowed to take the case to the Supreme Court if necessary. Plus: Black students in a Missouri school district want diversity programs — and the safe spaces they created — restored at their schools.
  • Missouri started selling recreational marijuana about a month ago, and experts say the state’s relatively low prices and taxes have already created a “canna-tourism” industry. Plus: One of the best women in college basketball right now is from tiny Green City, Missouri, and she’s determined to push her Central Missouri Jennies deep into the NCAA Division 2 tournament.
  • Celebrating the life and legacy of Kansas City singer Ida McBeth, who died last week at age 70. Plus: Missouri voters legalized recreational marijuana last November. Will Oklahoma be next, and what can they learn from Missouri's successful ballot measure?