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Nomin Ujiyediin

All Things Considered Newscaster and host of Kansas City Today

As a newscaster and a host of a daily news podcast, I want to deliver the most important and interesting news of the day in an engaging and easily understandable way. No matter where you live in the metro or what you’re interested in, I want you to learn something from each newscast or podcast – and maybe even give you something to talk about at the dinner table.

You can email me at nomin@kcur.org and find me on Twitter @NominUJ.

  • Kansas is the latest state to pass rules against selling ornamental pear trees that spread aggressively in natural areas. They are just one of many invasive species taking over Midwest communities. Plus: A centuries-old agricultural technique that reduces agricultural waste and improves soil is coming back around as a modern climate solution.
  • In 2022, KCUR brought together a politically diverse group of people to share their views on election issues and politics. It's 2024. Where are they now?
  • Cassette tapes have made a comeback in recent years, and one company in Missouri is at the center of this growing trend. We'll learn how Missouri became the epicenter of the cassette tape revival.
  • The U.S. lost newspapers at a rate of about 2.5 per week last year, many of them in rural areas. But some newspapers are trying new business models and doubling down on local news. Plus: A southwest Kansas printing press keeps local news alive in small towns across four states.
  • Terra Morehead, who retired as a federal prosecutor last August, has agreed to turn over her law license as part of an agreement with a Kansas disciplinary board. As a Wyandotte County prosecutor in the 1990s, Morehead helped KCKPD Detective Roger Golubski frame an innocent man who spent 23 years in prison.
  • Although most Kansas schools prepare students and staff for intruders with active-shooter drills, they don't train teachers how to deal with more common violence on campus. Plus: In a Kansas county that’s lost more than half of its population, one restaurant offers a renewed sense of hope — and a cheeseburger worth driving for.
  • For two years, business owners on Troost Avenue have campaigned for Kansas City to rename the street. That effort is now stalled in the city council.
  • Before Oreos, there was the Hydrox, the original sandwich cookie. And it was created by Kansas City’s own Jacob Loose. After disappearing for years, Hydrox are back on the shelf — but only if you know where to look.
  • VineBrook, which owns thousands of homes in Kansas City and across the Midwest, is selling many of its properties to pay off debts. But after years of unresolved maintenance issues, the tenants are still angry. Plus: A Kansas grandmother was unable to adopt her child from the state’s foster care system, even though she was with that child at birth.
  • Greenfield Robotics, a Kansas-based company, developed robots to take on a labor-intensive process: cutting weeds down. Plus: The fur industry has a long history in the state of Missouri, and trappers want to make sure they're conserving the state's resources and traditions.