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Central Standard

The Best Superbowl Ads Of 2012

On this episode of Central Standard, let’s review the winners and losers in the big game of marketing.

The Super Bowl is over, and now it’s that special time of year. A time when you can turn on the tube and catch early season golf, meaningless regular season NHL, NBA, early NASCAR and the X-Games. Before we enter the 60-day deep winter doldrums for sports fans, let's delay the suffering a bit with a Superbowl postgame show, where we recap, yes, the commercials.

Joining us in the studio will be J. Anthony Snorgrass, Associate Professor of Communications at Avila University, Peter Meyer, writer/director/editor at T2 Films, and Chris Riebschlager, who is just starting a new job as a Designer/Developer for Barkley, and is the creator of the infamous Boulevard Chocolate Ale Finder. They'll help us take a look back at what the E-Trade Baby, Budweiser, VW and all the usual suspects served up on Super Bowl Sunday.


This year, Central Standard asked our youngest correspondent, 15-year-old Samantha Pilcher to watch the game for us and report back about her experience. Here's that report from Samantha:

I was rooting for the Patriots, who sadly didn't win even though it was a close game at the end. I got to Shawnee Mission East, and I enjoy going to sporting events, crocheting and running. I watched the Superbowl with my youth group and some friends. We had snacks including, pizza, chips and dip, meatballs surprisingly, and lots of puppy chow. My favorite commercial was the one near the beginning with the M&Ms with the brown skin color, advertising that M&Ms aren't the average chocolate. I noticed that this year there were a lot of car commercials, and Coca-Cola came back with there  scheme of lots of polar bear commercials. My favorite polar bear commercial was the one where he had his fingers crossed for the team he wanted to win. I hope everyone had a great Superbowl weekend, and if you didn't watch the game, the Giants won 21-17.

You can listen to the audio of her report here.

Dr. J. Anthony Snorgrass's Favorite:

Chris Riebschlager's Favorite:

Peter Meyer's Favorite: