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Festive Cocktail Recipes To Get You In The Holiday Spirit


For many, booze is part of the quintessential holiday experience. But standard wine, beer and spirits can get old. So, this holiday season treat your taste buds to some innovative holiday treats, courtesy of Berto Santoro of Extra Virgin and Scott Tipton of Manifesto.

Winter in Buenos Aires

  • 1.5oz Velho Barreiro
  • 1oz honey cinnamon syrup
  • .75oz lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon butternut squash
  • grated nutmeg

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, fill it with ice and cap with shaker tin. Shake well and double-strain into chilled coupe glass. Garnish with nutmeg and serve.

Christmas in Red Hook

  • 1.5oz Sorel
  • .75oz  your favorite gin or apple cordial
  • .5oz honey syrup
  • .5oz lemon

Combine all ingredients together, shake and strain onto fresh ice in a collins glass and garnish with a clove studded orange.
Tom & Jerry

  • 1 T. Tom & Jerry batter (see below)
  • 1 oz Cognac
  • 1 oz dark rum
  • whole milk (hot)

Rise a small coffee mug with boiling water to warm it, then discard the water. Add the batter, Cognac and run to the cup and fill it with hot milk. Garnish with a mixture of two parts freshly grated nutmeg to one part ground clove and ground allspice.
Tom & Jerry Batter

  • 12 eggs, separated
  • 1 t. cream of tartar
  • 2 lbs. sugar
  • 2 oz. dark Jamaican-style rum

In a nonreactive bowl, whip the egg whites with the cream of tartar until they form stiff peaks. In a separate bowl, beat the yolks with the sugar, rum and vanilla (if using). When the mixture is completely liquid, fold it into the whites.

  • Adam Rogers, articles editor at Wired and author of the upcoming book Proof: The Science of Booze
  • Scott Tipton, bartender at Manifesto
  • Berto Santoro, president of KC chapter of the US Bartender’s Guild and bartender at Extra Virgin



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