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Food Critics: The Best Tacos In Kansas City

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Seasoned ground beef, lettuce and shredded cheese in a crunchy shell. Or braised and shredded pork wrapped in a soft corn or flour tortilla and topped with cilantro, diced onions and salsa. Whichever kind you grew up on, there's a taco for everyone in KC.

On KCUR's Central Standard, our Food Critics searched out the best tacos in and around Kansas City.

Here are their recommendations:

Mary Bloch, Around the Block:

  • Bichelmeyer Meats — carnitas. Bichelmeyer's is a butcher shop that serves tacos on Saturdays; they’re $3 each and they really pack the tortillas (with just enough room for condiments and salsa).
  • Bichelmeyer — spicy chicken.
  • Los Alamos Market y Cocina — buffet. It’s filled with whatever they feel like cooking that day, so don’t have your heart set on any one thing.
  • Carniceria la Siete — carnitas. Fried on the grill for extra crispness and served with house-made sauces.
  • Port Fonda — red chile braised goat. Served with a cup of braising jus for dipping.
  • Port Fonda — fried avocado taco (not always on the menu, but they’ll make it for you). Unexpected taste and richness.
  • Ixtapa Mexican Cuisine— tacos chidos. Made with charbroiled meat that’s been marinated with beer, citrus and jalapeños.
  • Cacao Restaurante — carnitas.
  • Tortilleria San Antonio
  • Bonito Michoacan

Lou Jane Temple, local chef and author:

Credit Courtesy Craig Jones
Tacos with powdered cheese (and other ingredients) at In-A-Tub.

Charles Ferruzza, The Independent and Shawnee Mission Post:

  • El Camino Real — I love them all.
  • Unforked — Voodoo Veggie Taco. Stylish, probably healthy (that's the idea, anyway), moderately priced, imaginative.
  • Tortilleria San Antonio — soft tacos. They're beyond satisfying, and there are other delicious things to eat here or purchase to take home.
  • In-A-TubNo one actually ADMITS to eating here, since the cuisine is sort of "Hillbilly Hispanic," but it has its own distinctive charm: Gringo Appalachian.

Listener recommendations:

Jen Chen is associate producer for KCUR's Central Standard. Reach out to her at jen@kcur.org.