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Seg. 1: Dodge Town In Antioch Park. Seg 2: Frankenstein's 200th Anniversary

Segment 1: Memories of the wild west are kept alive in Johnson County park.

For many kids who grew up near Antioch Park, 'Dodge Town' has been a place to relive the wild west. As the playground prepares to re-open after being remodeled, we take a nostalgic look back.

  • Scott Wilson, writer and editor

Segment 2, beginning at 11:51: Mary Shelley's classic novel celebrates bicentennial anniversary.

Mary Shelley's signature work Frankenstein: Or, The Modern Prometheus shaped an entire genre of storytelling. As 200 years have passed since its publication, we take a look at the science of the past that influenced Shelley, as well as how the work continues to shape scientific perspectives today.

"It's Alive! Frankenstein at 200: The Science Behind the Story" is on display now through August 31 at Linda Hall Library. The event is free and open to the public. For more information, visit LindaHall.org.

People don't make cameos in news stories; the human story is the story, with characters affected by news events, not defined by them. As a columnist and podcaster, I want to acknowledge what it feels like to live through this time in Kansas City, one vantage point at a time. Together, these weekly vignettes form a collage of daily life in Kansas City as it changes in some ways, and stubbornly resists change in others. You can follow me on Twitter @GinaKCUR or email me at gina@kcur.org.