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Seg. 1: Evictions In Kansas City. Seg. 2: Affordable Housing

Segment 1: The consequences of eviction.

For families, eviction can be a devastating experience. We take a look at eviction in Jackson County and throughout the Metro to find out how it is affecting local households.

Segment 2, beginning at 27:40: Affordable housing in downtown Kansas City is on the decline.

Is there enough affordable housing in Kansas City? How is 'affordable' housing defined anyway? We discuss the impact of rising rent rates in area neighborhoods.

Special thanks to Barbara Shelley for her reporting on eviction.

Editor's note: at approximately 29:00 into the podcast file a guest states that the total dollar amount of subsidized mortgage interest through deductions is greater than the national defense budget. This statement is erroneous. The guest had intended to state that subsidized mortgage interest was greater than the total HUD budget but had misspoke.

People don't make cameos in news stories; the human story is the story, with characters affected by news events, not defined by them. As a columnist and podcaster, I want to acknowledge what it feels like to live through this time in Kansas City, one vantage point at a time. Together, these weekly vignettes form a collage of daily life in Kansas City as it changes in some ways, and stubbornly resists change in others. You can follow me on Twitter @GinaKCUR or email me at gina@kcur.org.