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Central Standard

Seg. 1: A Year As An Artist. Seg. 2: Diggers And Doughboys

Segment 1: Art isn't just fun and games.

To some, art seems more like a hobby rather than ‘real work.’ But, for many artists, that’s far from the truth. We visit with a Kansas Citian about what they discovered after being an artist for a year.

Segment 2, beginning at 23:03: How World War I sparked a lasting friendship between the United States and Australia.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the informal end to World War I. On this episode, we learn about the National World War I Museum and Memorial's latest exhibit, exploring the comradeship between Australia and the United States. We also check-in to see where that friendship stands now.

The exhibition "Diggers and Doughboys: The Art of Allies 100 Years On" will be on display at the National World War I Museum and Memorial from September 11 through November 11. For more information, visit

Gina Kaufmann is the host of KCUR’s Central Standard, a talkshow fueled by curiosity and critical thinking. You can reach her on Twitter, @GinaKCUR.