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Seg. 1: College Athletes Profiting | Seg. 2: Hyper-Palatable Foods

Segment 1: Why former college athletes care that future college athletes might financially benefit from their name and image.

Many think statements by the NCAA are a step forward since student athletes bring in millions for their respective universities, but others say it's not enough of a step.

  • Michael Watson, former college basketball player, University of Missouri-Kansas City
  • Carrie Fry Robinson, former college soccer player, Indiana University
  • Patrick Hruby, journalist who covers athletes' rights and college sports, Washington D.C.

Segment 2, beginning at 35:32: Why certain foods are almost impossible to stop eating once you start.

A new KU study is taking the first step in understanding what makes certain foods trigger brain-reward centers and nullify the areas that usually tell us to stop eating.

  • Dr. Tera Fazzino, Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Kansas
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Noah Taborda is a Sports Broadcasting Journalism major who hopped on the short flight from Chicago to hone his trade at the University of Missouri. He hopes to cover a meaningful moment or two in his future career.