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Where Are Your Manners?


Modern American manners leave much to be desired. People answer their cell phones in the middle of meals, they shush loudly in movie theaters and even clip their toenails on the train.

Writer Henry Alford wanted to learn a little more about 21st century etiquette, so he went to Japan, a.k.a. the Fort Knox of good manners, interviewed etiquette experts and even played a game called "Touch the Waiter."

Monday on Up to Date, guest host Brian Ellison talks with Alford about modern manners, how we behave and how we could behave better.

Texting while walking might not be rude (although some consider it bad manners), but it's very dangerous, according to filmmaker Casey Neistat:

How have issues of etiquette evolved to fit 21st century life? And what manners matter to you? Give us a call at 816 235 2888 or email us at uptodate@kcur.org. You can also post comments on KCUR's Facebook page or Tweet us at @KCURUpToDate.

Henry Alford has written for the New York Times and Vanity Fair for over a decade. He has also written for the  New Yorker. It is entirely possible that you have heard him on National Public Radio. He is the author of a humor collection, Municipal Bondage, and of an account of his attempts to become a working actor, Big Kiss, which won a Thurber Prize. His last book was How to Live: A Search for Wisdom from Old People (While They are Still on This Earth), which was named a Best Book of the Year by Publishers Weekly.


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