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George Saunders' Unconventional Treatment Of Lincoln's Life And Loss, And Immigration Law Explained


A recent high-profile deportation case in Lawrence has spurred local discussions about immigration law. Today, attorney Jonathan Willmoth explains why many immigrants to America overstay their visas, and what options those individuals have.

"I avoided writing this book for 20 years," says George Saunders about his latest novel, Lincoln in the Bardo​. We're glad he finally did: The book earned him the 2017 Man Booker Prize for Fiction. In our second half, Saunders describes how historical accounts helped him explore the president's psyche after the death of his son.

George Saunders will discuss 'Lincoln in the Bardo' at the Plaza Branch of Kansas City Public Library at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 15. Get more information at and RSVP at

Brian Ellison is a guest host of talk shows, newscasts, special coverage and community events for KCUR. Follow him on Twitter @ptsbrian.