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Ethics Professors On Immigration Policy, Personal Privacy, And Recognizing Suicide Victims

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Syed Jamal in detention in El Paso, Texas. He was taken into custody by ICE agents earlier this year.

When it comes to immigration enforcement in this country, a person's fate can be a little "luck of the draw." Is it fair to send away some people who have been living here for years, while letting others stay? Today, Up To Date's Ethics Professors gives us their take on that and two other tough and timely questions. With an investigation swirling around Missouri's governor, how important is it to honor the anonymity request of an involved, but private, citizen? And, school districts sometimes acknowledge students who never make it to graduation due to tragedies such as fatal car accidents, but what about  a student who takes their own life?

  • Wayne Vaught, dean of UMKC's College of Arts and Sciences, professor of philosophy, medicine and bioethics
  • Adrian Switzer, assistant professor of philosophy, UMKC
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