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Seg. 1: A Unique Response To Kansas City Food Deserts. Seg. 2: Where You Live Affects Longevity.

Segment 1: Non-profit connects underserved Kansas City neighborhoods to fresh produce.

Food deserts are a big problem for many communities in the metro, but the remedy isn't always to build big grocery stores. Today, we talked with the founder of Kanbe's Markets to learn about his unique approach to connecting communities with fresh, healthy food.

Segment 2, beginning at 22:28: County health rankings outline disparity between Johnson and Wyandotte Counties.

This year's county health rankings show that, once again, Wyandotte County residents have lower life expectancy rates than folks living in Johnson County, just to the south. But what's behind the enduring imbalance, and is any progress being made to minimize it? We asked health experts to weigh in on the unique issues facing the neighboring communities.

When I host Up To Date each morning at 9, my aim is to engage the community in conversations about the Kansas City area’s challenges, hopes and opportunities. I try to ask the questions that listeners want answered about the day’s most pressing issues and provide a place for residents to engage directly with newsmakers. Reach me at steve@kcur.org or on Twitter @stevekraske.