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Seg. 1: When Should Police Use Lethal Force? Seg. 2: State Of Mental Healthcare In Kansas City Area

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Luke X. Martin
KCUR 89.3
Tom Petrizzo, chief executive officer at Tri-Country Mental Health Services, said his organization has a weekday walk-in assessment option for anyone wanting to see a licensed mental health professional immediately.

Segment 1: Witness says suspect killed in Kansas City Police Department shooting "was a very troubled individual."

In a re-broadcast of a segment that aired June 19, 2018, we discussed the Kansas City, Missouri, police shooting death of a sword-wielding woman and the role mental illness may have played in the encounter. We examined when deadly force by law enforcement is warranted. 

  • Grant Braaten, eyewitness
  • Dennis Kenney, John Jay College of Criminal Justice professor 

Segment 2, beginning at 22:25: First step in helping those with mental health issues is "normalizing the conversation." 

The stigma attached to mental illness remains an issue for those struggling with it. Today, we looked at the obstacles facing those searching for mental healthcare in the region and what services are currently available to them. 

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