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Seg. 1: Climate Change On The Kansas Range. Seg. 2: Tragic Traverse Across Antarctica.

USFWS Mountain Prairie
Flickr--Creative Commons
As climate change continues, the tallgrass prairie of Kansas is giving way to woody plant species and could be substantially reduced within 20 years.

Segment 1: How rising temperatures and a changing climate will affect the tallgrass prairies. 

The consequences of climate change are usually pictured as melting ice caps and islands being swallowed by rising sea levels. In the Midwest, where unpredictable weather is a staple of life, biologists say climate change is also altering the landscape of the tallgrass prairie, "one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world."

Segment 2, beginning at 25:10: A modern-day explorer who treks across Antartica, alone.

Most people wouldn't risk their lives to venture across the inhospitable expanse leading to the South Pole. But Henry Worsley did, twice. We learned of his lifelong obsession with his ancestor's journey, a fellow Antartica explorer, that eventually culminated in his own adventure. After 900 miles and 71 days, Worsley's journey came to a tragic end.

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