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Seg. 1: Mental Health Stigma | Seg. 2: Marines' Toughest Job

Segment 1: A former Lenexa principal wants others suffering from mental illness to learn from the mistakes he made trying to handle his depression.

Diagnosed with major depressive disorder, Cory Strathman resigned from his job as an elementary school principal following a DUI arrest. Now receiving mental health care services, Strathman is sharing his battle in hopes to eliminate the social stigma that kept him from receiving care.

Segment 2, beginning at 23:52: The responsibilities of a Marine Corps Casualty Assistance Calls Officer.

The Marine Corps follows a detailed timeline to notify the next of kin in the event of a fellow Marine's death. Gunnery Sgt. Roger Ruiz explained the process of assisting the family members, and the emotional toll related to escorting a Marine to their final resting place.

  • Gunnery Sgt. Roger Ruiz, United States Marine Corps

Steve Kraske is the host of KCUR's Up To Date. Follow him on Twitter @stevekraske.