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Seg. 1: Rep. Sharice Davids | Seg. 2: Jailed Over Child Support

Segment 1: Davids discusses gun violence, antisemetism and hate, and "Sharice's Shifts"

The August break that federal legislators get is often called a recess, but Rep. Sharice Davids' schedule suggests it's anything but. While back in her home district, Davids shares the concerns she's been hearing from her constituents, and the issues she's focused on for the next session.

Segment 2, beginning at 26:50: The merits of sending delinquent parents to jail

Not paying your child support is definitely a crime in Missouri, but is it one that warrants incarceration? That's what often happens in the state, but the practice is coming under question. That's because it so frequently puts the parent-in-arrears even further behind.

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Luke X. Martin is associate producer of KCUR’s Up To Date. Contact him at or on Twitter, @lukexmartin.