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Seg. 1: Wyandotte ID Ordinance | Seg. 2: Sex and Cinema

Segment 1: Wyandotte advocates push for municipal IDs to mitigate problems faced by residents without photo identification.

The Safe and Welcoming Wyandotte Ordinance would be the first of its kind in the state of Kansas. The proposed law would provide IDs for those who might not have any and establish boundaries and guidelines for local authorities' relations with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Advocates say a local ID like this could help approximately 30,000 people in the area with things like banking, doctor's office visits and entering a child's school. 

Segment 2, beginning at 23:27: Film critic explores the impact that romance in cinema has on romance in real life.

David Thomson's latest book explores the underlying ideals supported in American cinema when it comes to sexulaity and relationships. He said film has made "gay life" more approachable and normal to a broad audience. Thomson also discussed the way in which movies have imprisoned women and that only in the last ten years has that started to change.

David Thomson will discuss his book at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 14 at the Kansas City Public Library Plaza Branch, 4801 Main St., Kansas City, Missouri 64112. RSVP at

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