Top Of The Morning News: July 2, 2013 | KCUR

Top Of The Morning News: July 2, 2013

Jul 2, 2013

The failure of lawmakers to pass a farm bill has left farmers uncertain about the future.  Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signs a bill blocking the scanning of documents for driver’s licenses. Missouri lawmakers have taken more than $700,000 in lobbyist’s gifts since the beginning of the year.

Farm Bill Fail Leaves Farmers Uncertain, But Unvexed

Farmers work at the mercy of three big forces that are largely outside their control, the weather, the markets, and the government.  In many parts of the country the first two are doing pretty well these days, but government remains the wild card. Congress can’t seem to pass the farm bill, a huge package of legislation setting food policy for years to come.

Who Decides The Future Of KCI?

In April, the Kansas City, Mo. City Council approved an update to the master plan, unveiling an image of a new terminal building on the site of what’s now terminal A.  That’s when the public outcry started.  KCUR takes a look at who gets to decide the airport’s future.

Nixon Signs Bill Blocking Scanning Of Documents For Driver's Licenses

Perhaps in an effort to put an end to an ongoing political battle over the practice, Mo. Gov. Jay Nixon has signed legislation blocking the state Department of Revenue from scanning and storing documents required to get a driver's license.

Missouri Legislators Take $730,000 In Lobbyist Gifts

As usual, the vast majority of May's lobbyist spending went to groups instead of individual legislators. Lobbyists spent about $70,000 on groups and committees, which don't disclose the recipients.