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Reports of MRSA Infections Need Perspective

By Kelley Weiss


Kansas City, MO – Missouri health officials say some media reports of recent staph infections were taken out of context. KCUR's Kelley Weiss reports.

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A Missouri health department epidemiologist, Eddie Hedrick, says to start with the MSRA infection got the wrong label.

Eddie Hedrick: "We've unfortunately termed this bug a 'super bug' and it's really not."

Hedrick says there are two strains of MRSA infections - one hospital patients get and one that's community acquired. He says the recent cases in the news are community based, resistant to a few antibiotics but can still be treated. It's the hospital acquired MRSA that's resistant to almost all antibiotics.

Hedrick says media coverage of a recent CDC report highlighting MRSA in hospitals and a Virginia high school student death from the infection were not related. He says MRSA has been around for at least 25 years and is treatable.

Eddie Hedrick: "If you go looking and you ask people hey have you had anybody here that's had the staph infection, of course they have."

The concern about the community-MRSA, Hedrick says, is that around 2002 it stopped responding to penicillin based drugs.

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