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Bernie Sanders, In Full: His Take On Clinton, Socialism And SuperPACs

In this extended version of NPR's interview with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, portions of which aired earlier this week on Morning Edition, the presidential candidate makes his case differently. Having been wrong-footed several times by his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, Sanders is joining the battle more forcefully and talking more personally than in the past.

The difference between then and now is not in substance. Sanders is still denouncing corporations, billionaires and income inequality. Rather, it is a difference of style and focus.

This cut of his conversation with NPR's Steve Inskeep, recorded Nov. 4, sees Sanders sharpening his argument for why the Democratic nominee should be him and not Clinton, who enjoys huge advantages in the race.

He also offers a lengthy defense of the label "socialist," or more precisely, "democratic socialist" — the designation that has always made Sanders distinct, but that sharply limits his appeal, according to polls.

Sanders also talks about what it means to him to be Jewish. One remarkable moment comes when he rolls up his sleeve.

At the end comes this question: Is there a similarity between the crowds at Sanders' campaign events and the crowds flocking to see Donald Trump?

It is, from beginning to the end of the interview, a distinctive political conversation with one of the people at the center of a distinctive political moment.

Listen to the extended, 16-minute cut at the link above.

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