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Now Hiring: U.K.'s First 'Night Czar' To Boost London Nightlife


What sounds like one of the best jobs in the world is on offer - night czar of London, as the city calls it, to get around town at night and, quote, "champion the value of London's nighttime culture while developing and diversifying London's nighttime economy." In other words, London's lord high commissioner of whoopee. London's gastly high real estate prices have forced some of the city's late-night music, dance, drinking and comedy clubs to close.

London's mayor, Sadiq Khan, wants the czar to help encourage nightlife an an opportunity for economic development. The official listing says an applicant for night czar should have, quote, "proven leadership ability, public profile, plus a thorough understanding of the nighttime economy and the ability to work in a political environment." But doesn't Prince Harry already have a job?


DAFT PUNK: (Singing) We're up all night for good fun. We're up all night to get lucky. We're up all night to get lucky. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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