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Police Department Reform Demands | Naming Kansas City's Killed

Black Lives Matter protesters hold signs bearing the names of black men who have died in Kansas City from confrontations with police.
Carlos Moreno
Nareen Stokes, whose son Ryan Stokes was killed by a Kansas City Police Department officer, talks about her son at a May 31 Black Lives Matter protest on the Plaza.

Segment 1, beginning at 3:39: How civil rights groups would reform the police

A coalition of civil rights groups in Kansas City called for the resignation of police Chief Rick Smith, among other reforms, including local control of the police department.

Segment 2, beginning at 37:04: Kansas City has its own list of black men killed by the police.

Ryan Stokes, Terrance Bridges, Cameron Lamb and Donnie Sanders are some of the names remembered by people at Kansas City's recent Black Lives Matter protests. Glenn Rice, who has spent years covering the Kansas City police, recounted the history of violence between the police and black men in Kansas City.

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