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Kansas City's COVIDpreneurs | Kansas Inspired Album

Shawanna Meeks holding up two of her handbags.
Shawanna Meeks
Shawanna Meeks' handbag company began just as the pandemic started.

Starting businesses during a global pandemic, and Kansas City's Kevin Morby releases new album.

Segment 1, beginning at 5:08: Despite the ongoing pandemic new businesses are still opening.

"COVIDpreneur" is a new trend occurring in the midst of the pandemic. Businesses ranging from handbags to bed and breakfasts to construction companies have opened up in recent months. "As a startup, you don't know what the next day is gonna hold," Shawanna Meeks, founder of Meeks Me Smile Studios, said.

Segment 2, beginning at 33:08: The songs on Kevin Morby's latest release were written in 2017 but fit this pandemic time.

Being isolated away from the music industry and experiencing melancholy with the setting sun resulted in "Sundowner." Composed in his backyard shed, Morby worked through Kansas weather without air conditioning or heat.

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