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Homeless Camp Proposal | Artist Wes Benson

Courtesy of Wes Benson
Kansas City based oil painter and illustrator Wes Benson says he paints what he finds beautiful.

The Downtown Council proposes ways to help Kansas City's homeless population, and a Kansas City artist shares a deeply personal story about overcoming addiction.

Segment 1, beginning at 4:49: The Downtown Council is proposing a temporary camp to help Kansas City's homeless.

The homeless population in Kansas City could be approaching Great Depression levels because shelters can't take in as many people during the pandemic. The Downtown Council has stepped into the breach by supporting a series of organizations that help the homeless and proposing a temporary homeless camp near the Paseo.

Segment 2, beginning at 28:54: How a Kansas City artist found his path to surviving addiction.

After a long battle, Kansas City artist Wes Benson conquered his addiction to opioids. Today, he runs a secular AA group called “Freethinkers,” aimed at helping people empower themselves to recover from addiction. He also sponsors several addicts and cautions them not to backslide during a pandemic, when it’s especially easy to do so.

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