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Detective Golubski Under Investigation | Coronavirus Vaccine FAQ

Close-up photo of a nurse's gloved hands administering a vaccine shot.
National Cancer Institute
A new mutation of the coronavirus in the United Kingdom has people concerned about the efficacy of the coronavirus vaccine, but experts say that variant strains in these situations are normal.

The reporters behind a new KCUR and Kansas City Star investigation break down the allegations against a former Kansas City, Kansas detective and experts answer your questions about the coronavirus vaccine rollout.

Segment 1, beginning at 4:55: Retired KCK police captain is accused of coercing women into sex and lies.

An investigative report by KCUR and The Kansas City Star details explosive allegations against former Kansas City, Kansas captain Roger Golubski. In addition to exploiting vulnerable Black women for sexual favors and coercing some of them into fabricating testimony, Golubski is also the detective whose investigation led to Lamonte McIntyre being wrongly imprisoned for 23 years.

Segment 2, beginning at 31:12: Your questions about the coronavirus vaccine answered.

Missouri just topped 400,000 COVID-19 cases and a new strain of the coronavirus is being reported in the United Kingdom. Experts say the local coronavirus vaccine rollout is going as expected and 60% herd immunity is the minimum goal needed to be successful in controlling the spread of the disease.

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