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Biden's Deficit Spending | Lawrence Bookseller Versus Amazon

Hundred Dollar Bills
Stephen Bayer
The American Relief Plan will invest $1.9 trillion dollars into the U.S. economy helping households and small businesses stay afloat through the pandemic.

Economist Stephanie Kelton says it's times like these that require big spending by the federal government and an independent bookstore owner is gaining attention in his campaign to get consumers to buy local.

Segment 1, beginning at 1:00: Economist Stephanie Kelton supports deficit spending to get America back on its feet.

Kelton wasn't at all surprised by the size of the American Relief Act nor does she think it will be the last of the government investment needed for the country to recover.

Segment 2, beginning at 26:47: A bookstore owner in Lawrence, Kansas, just wrote a book about how to 'resist Amazon.'

The owner of The Raven says paying more for a book locally can be a better investment long-term, since most of the money stays in the community. Danny Caine takes time to explain to customers why he charges more for books than online giant Amazon. He took that conversation to Twitter, then gathered his ideas into a zine, then expanded that into a book.

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