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Returning to the Workplace | Flint Hills Land for Sale

A photograph of the Flint Hills on a sunny day with tall golden grass and lines of trees all the way to the horizon.
Edwin Olson
Considered the best grassland in America, thousands of acres in the Flint Hills of Kansas are now for sale.

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, worries over going back to the workplace are rising and Kansas City real estate developer Bill Haw is selling his substantial acreage in the Flint Hills.

Segment 1, beginning at 1:00 : Employers are beginning to ask staff to return to working in person.

Many people have adapted to working from home, but as businesses notify employees about return dates, there are concerns from both sides. It is unlikely to be as it was pre-pandemic and organizational psychology expert Ann Hackett says it's important to remember, "It goes a long way in the employee-employer relationship if you can give time and really consider all the different needs of your employee."

Segment 2, beginning at 25:00 : The man who helped make the Flint Hills country worth driving through is selling prime grassland that comes with perpetual conservation easements.

Bill Haw is divesting himself of the property in order to focus more on his urban interests. The ranchland he has put up for sale come with the restrictions because “I don’t want it to remain perfect and unspoiled just for my lifetime, but forever more,” Haw said.

  • Bill Haw, real estate developer
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