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Favorite Love Songs: "And I Love Her" by the Beatles

Continuing our series on love songs... Up to Date's Steve Kraske takes us back to a Beatles classic.

He barely needs time to consider the question.

"This is an easy one for me, it's 'And I Love Her,' by the Beatles," he says. "I don't have any special sort of memory attached to it, I've just always loved this song."

The question was, 'what's your favorite love song?'

Why? That answer comes easily as well.

"When you hear it, it just puts you in the right kind of mindset, I guess, for thinking about my wife, good times together and that kind of thing," Kraske says. "It's just such a gentle, lovely song. And you hear that little woodblock in the background, which to me was always sort of the cherry on top of the sundae, it really completes the song. It's just made it one of my favorites of all time."

And yeah, he says he'll play it for his wife this Valentine's Day.

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