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A Turn To Old Fashioned Police Work For Missing Student

file photo
Aisha Khan before her Dec. 16th disappearance.

Leads have thinned into the second and third tier variety as police in Overland Park and Olathe try, for a fourth day, to learn what happened to Aisha Khan. Investigators are questioning classmates, teachers and friends of the 19 year old  Johnson County Community College student.

The married student who lives in Olathe with her husband of five months was last  believed   studying  in an outside alcove  at the K.U. Edwards Campus where she had  a semester final test she never  took. She vanished about an hour before the noon class last Friday.

 Khan  left a message for a sister about a man harassing her.

 Khan’s books, iPad and cell phone were  found on an alcove  bench.  If taken by force,  a car  could not have pulled  unnoticed  within a hundred feet of the spot. That's the estimation of two city employees who know well the area of 126th and Quivira, the  Edwards Campus.

 City spokesman Sean Reilly  says video cameras are of no help.  Police traffic officer Michelle Koos knows where the cameras are, close by.  In her words- “the videos that we’ve been able to pull, the traffic cameras( that Reilly referenced)  and any other videos, to this point we have not located her in any of those videos.”

Police  continue to treat Khan’s situation as an  abduction without  classic elements of  an abduction.