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Pregnant Woman's Mystery Crash Resolved

Depiction of crash test for trailer safety equipment in unrelated case.
Depiction of crash test for trailer safety equipment in unrelated case.

The Kansas Highway Patrol has found the semi tractor-trailer rammed by a car last week in Johnson County. The truck driving team reportedly was unaware of the collision in which a pregnant woman was badly injured.

Investigators say they found the trailer in Iowa and that the trucking company is fully cooperating.

A statement from the Patrol’s Lt. Tom Catania at the Olathe District Headquarters said the truck was loaded with about 40 tons of cargo and the driver at the wheel and his relief driver never felt impact when Nikki McClure’s car ran into the rear bumper.

Force of the collision left the Hyundai sedan’s hood rudely fastened to the truck.

Catania said it’s not unusual for a trucker to be unaware of the bump from a car when the rig is loaded as heavily as this one.  Catania said charges are not likely.

McClure, who is 33,  was critically injured but gave birth to a healthy baby at a hospital. The mother and baby are in stable condition, mother still on the critical list.

The collision happened February 8th on I-35 on a rural stretch between 167th and 175th Street.

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