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Social Media Posts Led To Bank Killers

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U.S. Department of justice

A stunning account of detectives using social media has unfolded as a second man was sentenced in Kansas City federal court for a murder committed more than six years earlier during a bank holdup.

As 25 year old Thirplus Moose was sentenced to 35 years in the robbery and slaying dating back to 2006, the story of the crime is told in court  documents.

Moose and Iralee French, who is now serving 87 years, left behind a cell phone to trace, a cab driver with a good memory, GPS records and social media photos of celebrating with their loot.

Federal prosecutor David Ketchmark noted detectives discovered the pair had posted on social media after taking the stolen money to St. Louis and spending lavishly on women in night clubs.

Ketchmark said investigators kept digging, “they did some social history and internet research on these two individuals and they were to find on the internet where Mr. French had associated himself with the name the cab driver had been provided with.”

The robbers had used a cab to take them to the crime scene in south Kansas City.

Ketchmark said the investigation expanded and, “they also found photos with Mr. French fanning money.” It was believed to be some of the $8 thousand taken in the first robbery of the United Missouri Bank at 7901 Wornall Road in Kansas City.

The prosecutor said the cab driver was the key because he could pin both men to the bank-crime scene at specific dates and times and also to the place they left getaway cars.

During a second holdup of the same bank, French shotgunned a guard, dragged him inside with threats to give up money.

Dwight Mayhugh, Sr. died next day.

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