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Barack Obama Holds Rally in Columbia

By Maureen McCollum, KBIA


Columbia, MO – As part of his final push, Barack Obama stopped in Columbia, Missouri on Thursday night. KBIA's Maureen McCollum has more.

Barack Obama is making his closing campaign argument with four days to go until the election. Supporters packed the Carnahan Quad on the University of Missouri's campus after waiting hours. Herman Hobson of Jefferson City took a vacation day to come see, what he calls, one of the greatest events of his lifetime. He says Obama inspired him from the first time he heard him speak.

Hobson says, "I like the way he's talking about this is not a blue state, it's not a red, this is a United States, I like that more than anything."

People were even on hand selling Obama merchandise. (ambi)

Once the democrat hit the stage, he touched on a wide range of issues.
Obama compared his economic plan to Bill Clinton's, while he says opponent John McCain's is similar to President Bush's.

"I'm worried about people losing their homes, and losing their jobs, and losing their life's savings, losing their scholarships, losing your student student loans," says Obama. "I can take five more days of John McCain's attacks, this country can't take four more years of John McCain's economic theories, that's why I'm running for president of the United States."

When audience members booed McCain, Obama told them not to boo, but to go vote. Later in his speech, the presidential hopeful made a deal with the young people to help them pay for college.

"If you are willing to participate in national service, if you are willing to serve in the military or Peace Corps, work in a veterans' home or a homeless shelter... whatever moves you, whatever kind of service you want to provide to your community and your country, we are going to make sure you can afford your tuition, no ifs, ands or buts."

Although there wasn't much new information from Obama, he took the time to summarize his plan in a last ditch effort to get Missouri votes.

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