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Red Light Ordinance Changes To 'Moving Parking Ticket'


Running a red light is no longer mentioned in Kansas City's red-light-camera ordinance after the city council revamped the law's wording Wednesday.

So far Kansas City has fended off all legal challenges to its red-light camera ordinance. But now, the city council hopes changes based on a Creve Coeur, Missouri law upheld by an appeals court will end all questions about constitutionality

Councilman John Sharp explained that the violation will now be one of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Sharp said te revused  ordinance would treat vehicles that are in an intersection where we have red-light enforcement as in violation if they are in that location when there is a red light for vehicles going in their direction.

Essentialy, he said, a parking violation by a moving vehicle.  As with those the owner is ticketed, not the driver.

Sharp says the new system will stop companies from simply responding that they don't know who was driving a company vehicle when it ran a red light.

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